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Welcome to Eureka Elementary!

Corie Luczak, Principal of Eureka Elementary

Hello and Welcome to Eureka Elementary!

On behalf of the Eureka Elementary School staff and administration, we
welcome you to our school and community. Our mission at Eureka Elementary is to Love
to Learn, Learn to Lead, and Lead with love. We take each component of our mission
very seriously as we work to educate the whole child. There is a strong history of loyalty
in Eureka Elementary and in the city of Eureka. We wanted to build our Mission, Vision,
and Values on the roots of that history, but also create new pathways for growth with our
growing numbers of students. Eureka Elementary moved into a brand new building in
the 2019-2020 school year. We are now embedded into the Arbors or Rockwood
neighborhood and have a close relationship with our surrounding neighbors, library, fire
and police departments, elderly care facilities and churches. Eureka Elementary stands
for Belonging, Grit, Respect, Learning, Kindness, and Accountability. Of all those
values, we focus the most on Belonging. We want every visitor, student, parent, and
staff member to feel like they are at home when they are in our building. We teach
children about reading, writing, and math and all the other content areas, - but we also
teach them how to learn. We focus on how to plan and be organized, have grit,
collaborate with others, and have respectful communication. We are proud of our Little
Wildcat community and the amazing things we do here. We are here to love ALL the
children, help them learn, and develop leaders for the future. We have a big building,
but an even bigger heart for the children who enter our doors! We look forward to
seeing all our new and existing Little Wildcats soon!


Dr. Corie Luczak
Principal, Eureka Elementary

Students walk to school at the cross walk
Eureka Elementary Principal welcomes students back on first day
Eureka Elementary Veterans Day